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We help to organize Science Exhibition along with a Science Workshop in different School of West Bengal to encourage the students about the study of Science subjects. We also participate in different Science Fair in an attempt to make science popular among the mass.

Science Exhibition includes a variety of topics in Physics Chemistry Mathematics Biology, Astronomy and Geology.

Followings are the Main Categories:

Planetarium : In school, students get exposed to the knowledge of different planets and most common constellation in the sky. But the knowledge is mostly limited in seeing the pictures in the books. They can not really get an opportunity to feel the sky. So we thought about to build a very simple portable planetarium, which is really exciting. You will get the feelings that you are looking at the night sky with a nominal entry fee and totally forget for a moment that you are sitting in your classroom.

Medical Camp : Now a days the students are very ambitious about their future. Many of them want to establish themselves as a doctor. So we thought to organize a medical camp through those ambitious students. Testing of Blood group, Checking of Blood pressure, Measuring of Body Mass Index are the main feature of that camp.

Science beyond Magic : There are many unexpected wonders, which happens in our daily life. In many cases, we face such wonders without proper explanations. So we generally call them magic or supernatural. But behind all such cases there must be a scientific reason. In this programme, we explain such scientific reasons behind those unexpected phenomenon.

Science Models & Experiments : In school, students get exposed to the knowledge of different scientific theories and some experiments to prove those theories. It is very essential for the students to do those experiments in practical for their better conceptions. In this category, students will demonstrate different science experiments and science models, which are actually some applications of different scientific theories.

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Finally we decided to offer a 3 months free Membership to all the interested students of 9th slandered to gather some exiting experience through Science workshop, Sky watching and Educational tour. There will be 3 batches in a year of 12 students each.

We also help them to organise an Exhibition with their Projects at their school premises for the benefit of others.




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