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Mathematical Projects

        Proof of Pythagoras theorem                                     It help us to prove the Pythagoras Theorem.      

        Proof of the Area of Circle is pr2                                        With this model, we can very easily prove this geometrical theorem.

        Proof of (A+B)2 = a2 + 2ab + b2                                         With this model, we can very easily prove this algebraic formula.

        Charts to tell unknown number                                  With the help of some charts you can tell any unknown number.

        Proof of the total angle of a triangle is 1800                It is used to help us to prove this geometrical theorem.


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Finally we decided to offer a 3 months free Membership to all the interested students of 9th slandered to gather some exiting experience through Science workshop, Sky watching and Educational tour. There will be 3 batches in a year of 12 students each.

We also help them to organise an Exhibition with their Projects at their school premises for the benefit of others.




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The Science Quest Club was established in 1996 to explore and inspire the minds of little scientists in schools and in our neighborhoods. The responses we received from the kids and school administrations and local clubs have been overwhelming ....

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To promote and encourage the advancement of Scientific & Technical education among the students by arranging or organizing Lectures, Seminars, Excursions, Workshops, Exhibitions and Hobby Centre....

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